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RICHES Mosaic Interface™

Search, Analyze, Visualize and Learn with RICHES Mosaic Interface™ 3.0

The RICHES Mosaic Interface™is the central Internet location for content created through the RICHES™ projects and links to sources on Central Florida available from other repositories around the state. RICHES Mosaic Interface™ combines temporal and spatial results with text analysis techniques to help you find hidden connections in the archive.

As part of the RICHES Mosaic Interface™ 3.0 release, you can now learn more about items saved in your Bookbag. New tools are available to help you annotate, analyze and organize your findings. Enhancements featured in this release allow you to:

  • Create folders to organize items.
  • Re-arrange and order folders.
  • See items from a selected folder on a map and a timeline
  • Use the Connections tool to find new items related to current items saved in your Bookbag.
  • Build your narrative using the Story Board tool.

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Enhancements released with RICHES Mosaic Interface™ include:

  • User-friendly searching
  • More tools to analyze data
  • Improved Bookbag

Interested in learning more about the RICHES Mosaic Interface™ project, visit the project site.


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