New Release of RMI

Featured Tab

Browse the Featured Items or Collections.  Also select the Collection Overview to see an explanation of many of our collections.  See all of the Featured Items by clicking the title of that section.   Learn more by watching a Tour of RICHES MI, or reading about our project.  Follow us on social media with the social media buttons in the Learn More section.

Changes include:

  • New Tab on results panel with buttons to search for featured items, featured collections, collection overview, tour and the about.
  • “Follow us” buttons for Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Limits the results of Natural Language search to those with up to 50% relevance to the top item.
  • Drop Zone for new folder in book bag is larger.
  • Bookbag annotations are exported with citations
  • Quick Tour is slower.
  • Spell Check on natural language search
  • Search by collection
  • Connections panel on Bookbag Analysis window moved to below map

Browse by Collection