UCF Community Veterans History Project


Coordinator Access to Veteran Registration Database

If you would like veterans for your students to interview, you may access the database as a coordinator.

To register for an account, click the coordinator login and select "request account."


Collect the five forms listed below from students handing in oral histories. All five forms are available for download.

Instructional Videos

Please direct students to the Instructional Videos for more information on how to do oral histories and how to fill out the forms for this project.


The RICHES office has a limited amount of equipment available for students to use. Students will need to contact RICHES at least one week prior to their interview to make sure the equipment they would like to use will be available and set a time to pick it up.

Delivering Items to Special Collections & University Archives

Deliver oral history interviews and accompanying forms that your students turn in to Special Collections & University Archives in the UCF Libraries.  For each interview, this should include:

  • any original copies of the interview (labeled with the interviewee’s name and date of birth in marker)
  • UCF CVHP Biographical Data Sheet
  • UCF CVHP release form, signed by the interviewer and the interviewee
  • Library of Congress Veteran’s release form
  • Library of Congress Interviewer’s release form
  • UCF CVHP Audio and Video Recording Log

For questions about delivering oral histories, contact Special Collections & University Archives at (407) 823-2576 or at speccoll@ucf.edu.


For additional resources on conducting oral histories, see the additional resources.

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