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ATTENTION: As of 10/20/21, the RICHES family of sites are undergoing routine maintenance; access to our Mosaic Interface, Omeka, or related projects may be impacted during this time. Please remain patient; we have greater RICHES coming your way!

RICHES™ is an interdisciplinary digital project that partners with multiple academic units at the University of Central Florida, six other Florida universities, and commercial and nonprofit sectors of the community. The project has two goals: 1) to serve as a model for documenting regional history, especially “hidden” history and culture, through an interactive database that draws from multiple repositories and personal collections, and 2) to develop new digital tools for historians.

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RICHES Mosaic Interface™
A central component of the project is the RICHES™ Mosaic Interface (RICHES™ MI), which is an interactive digital collection of Florida’s history. This free public tool offers a searchable database with access to images, documents, podcasts, oral histories, films, and visualizations. It combines time and geographical results with text analysis techniques to help users find hidden connections within the archive. Visit RICHES™ MI here.

New! Make it personal with the Bookbag tool
This new tool was created so that academic and community researchers using RICHES™ MI can save items of interest from their search results for future historical analysis. Once an item is saved into a personal Bookbag it will remain there so that the researcher can further analyze the item.

Public History Projects at the University of Central Florida
The Public History program at UCF links many projects under one initiative to promote the collection and preservation of Florida history. By facilitating research that records and presents the stories of communities, businesses, and institutions in Florida, RICHES seeks to provide the region with a deeper sense of its heritage. At the same time, the initiative connects students and faculty with the community and creates a foundation on which Floridians can build a better sense of their history. Check out some of our projects below!

Central Florida Podcasts and Documentaries | GLBT History Museum of Central Florida | UCF Community Veterans History Project

Recently-Added Collections

New Collection: Nelson and Company

The Nelson and Company Packing Plant was originally founded by Steen Nelson and Gus Nelson and called Nelson Brothers. The company changed its name to Nelson and Company after it became a three-way partnership between the brothers and Benjamin Franklin Wheeler. In 1923, Wheeler became sole owner after buying out the company. The 80-acre historic…

June 23, 2022

Exhibit Phase III: The Legacy of Ocoee

Our exhibit Voting Rights and Voter Suppression Phase III “The Legacy of Ocoee” is now open!

March 23, 2022

Exhibit Phase II: Expanding and Contracting Voting Rights

Phase II of our Voting Rights & Voter Suppression exhibit is now open! Visit the link below for Expanding and Contracting Voting Rights:

October 28, 2021